the world of extraordinary high-security safes for exceptional rifles, fine timepieces and outstanding valuables.


A safe must not be necessarily a grey and boring free standing object in the dark corner of the cellar or in a hidden place.

Driven by passion, skilful hands can turn the row steel into a unique masterpiece which has his own style.

The expertly honed skills and scrupulous eyes of Mr. Nicolas Schiffer we dreamed an elegant safe, called „Egoiste” especially for the true gentleman who understands that his appearance, behavior, and way of communicating provide theirs with valuable insight into his character.

This handcrafted masterpiece suits a gentleman’s home and his lifestyle well. The dark colored Wengé wood covering with the Latte hand-sewn leather create harmonic conformity that makes feeling the enhanced suverenity of the personal and unconfusable luxurious safe..

We offer you the harmonic combination of colours, sumptuous leathers, finest woods and options to design your very own „Egoiste”. Whichever possibility you choose, you can be certain that the result will be stylish and exclusive.

The Company

We believe in the unique combination of beauty and high-security. Since the fundation (1987) of the company, the Prekop family’s aim to build unusual and unexpected safes which have not only totally personalised exterior and interior design, but offer the highest level of protection for your valuables.

Every safe is made to order and handcrafted by our highly skilled craftsmen at the home of TREZOR-LIKTOR Zrt. in Hungary. From start to finish more than 400 man- hours are spent on the planning, engineering and finishing of each TREZOR safe to achieve the harmonic marriage of design and function.

Graphic designers, metal workers, wood shop collegues and master upholsterers ensure the excellence at every step of manufacturing. Our team use their unique expertise and knowledge to fulfil your request from finding the finest exterior and interior materials to provide the maximum security for your values in every case.

The result will be a stand-alone iconic embodiment of individuality and security what is inimitably and unmistakably yours.

Timeless craft by experts

Unique details can be created if people, masters of their craft use their hands, their scrupulous eyes and their time- honored skills. It requires concentration, dedication, heart and soul of the craftsmen. This is the way we work in our factory to achieve a timeless exceptional masterpiece.

This is our philosophy.

Colourful Personality

There are more than fifteen interior leather colours that give you the opportunity to personalise the interior of the gun cabinet. Six different veneers and solid wood covers offer a choice of a traditional or modern finish of the exterior to your taste.

Sense of stiched nature

If you open the heavy door of our safe you can immediately feel the natural leather aroma of the fine Italian cow hide. The leather used to upholster the safe is approximatly 15 m2. The diamond-quilted backboard and the hand stiched door panel is the classic feature of our gun cabinets’s interior, harmoniously match with the carefully selected hard wood to create a beautifully balanced design.

Our Products

Behind the defence of the glass

Your finest quality rifle and knife collection is no longer needed to be stored in secret. Thanks to the 30 mm thick bulletproof glass you can present the precisious items on the most secure and elegant way.

As a brand new feature for electronic protection of glass surfaces we offer alarm glazing with immediate alarm function as well. In contrast to systems giving off an alarm in the case of glass breakage, which are installed in the room that is to be protected.

Certified security

Every customised TREZOR safe’s production starts with forging of a high-security steel body which meets the European Security Standards based on EU Norm 1143-1. It is manufactured according to the strict industry standard ISO 9001 (certified by TÜV Rheinland).

The robust multi-walled door and body construction (filled with a special secret mixture of hardened steel and further materials) gains the improved extreme hard resist that cannot be penetrated by conventional tools.

For the first time in the phisical security industry our master engineers have pioneered the ability to implement a special 4-sided locking boltwork in the bulletproof glazed gun cabinet to reach an exponential degree of protection for your weapons and values. The technical construction of the Panorama gun cabinet is hidden in the frame of the door and the special boltwork denies any attempt to wedge or pry the door open.

We build Bulletproof Security Glass (BR 3 regarding to the EN 1063 Ballistic Standard) in our Panorama gun cabinets. The armoured glass is able to withstand even the most aggressive assaults without being seriously damaged.

For the desired level of burglary protection we combine the high-security steel construction with professional alarm system to ensure the 24/7 monitoring of your values.

The resistant guardian

The Panorama gun safe hasn’t been tested only in accordance with industry standards, but also under the toughtest practical conditions, against fire, bullet and tool attacks. You can check out the video of the bulletproof gun cabinet test on our YouTube channel.


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